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  • Tips for preserving freshly cut flower bouquets and arrangements.
    1. The instructions for preserving the bouquet of flowers are the same regardless of its size.
    2. In order to open the cells of the stem and allow hydration you need to cut a centimeter of the stem at an angle.

That way each flower of the bouquet is able to absorb plenty of water to keep it fresh.

It is very important for the water to be clean, so make sure you remove all green leaves from the bottom of the stems in order to prevent bacteria from emerging in the water.

By changing the water on a daily basis and cutting the stems at an angle you prolong the life of the bouquet.

Keep the bouquet away from direct sun exposure and heating devices or air-conditioning.

The optimal life of a bouquet is between 5 and 7 days.

  • Floral Foam Arrangements
    1. Add 100 ml of water to the foam every two days.
    2. Keep the flower arrangement away from air-conditioning or direct sun exposure.
    3. If certain flowers wilt faster than others, replace the wilted ones with fresh flowers or greenery and your arrangement will look good longer.
    4. The flower arrangements can stay fresh up to 10 days if the room is not too hot.
    5. In general, cut flowers do not endure sudden temperature changes.
    6. That is why if the arrangement is exposed to very high or low temperatures for 10 minutes it can wilt instantly.
    7. We suggest you don’t leave the flowers in the car for a long period of time.
  • Potted Flowers
    1. When it comes to watering the flowers, the best thing is to create a routine. For example, the same day every week.
    2. This way you will not overwater them or let the plant dehydrate.
    3. Even though each plant requires different care, most of them benefit from misting, which means it is recommended to spray the leaves of the plant several times a week.
    4. Certainly, certain kinds of nourishment are recommended as well.

You need to follow the growth of the plant and replant it when necessary.

Pay attention to the lighting of the room as well. All plants need natural light, but not direct (some species are an exception).

Air-conditioning has adverse effects on the plants; make sure you keep them as far away from the air-conditioners as possible.

Most important of all is to love your plants and you need to pay attention to them; the energy you spend in caring for them will in turn enrich your living space, bring you peace and create a wonderful symbiosis between you and the part of nature you have brought in your home.

We are at your disposal should you need any further advice.

With love and respect,

at your service for 25 years,

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